The People Have Spoken

We’ve got a winner for the Your Voice, Your Choice contest. Actually, we’ve had a winner for a little while, but I wanted to be able to post the entry here in the blog and couldn’t do so until our mp3s were back up and running, as they are now. As always, we had some really fun entries, but what’s new this time is that I don’t have to struggle with picking a winner this time! Thanks to the wonder of functional ratings, you guys got to to the hardest part for me and I have been happily demoted to ‘just the messenger.’ Yay!

Therefore, I am pleased to announce that our winner this time around is toddnrgi, for this song:

by toddnrgi
Played 2 times
Made with the Splice online sequencer.

Todd is going to get a beautiful new surround sound system from Altec Lansing, who graciously continues to sponsor our contests and encourage great music everywhere.

Be sure to hear our runners up, too:

Techno Overdose
by fartlord
Played 5 times
Made with the Splice online sequencer.
human being and fish
by airtone
Played 3 times
Made with the Splice online sequencer.

You can listen to all the contest entries here.

Thanks again to everyone for participating in this! If your favorite didn’t win, be sure to bring some friends to help vote next time around. We’ll have the next contest up shortly!

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